(106) What is the ideal way to structure your product teams? — Part 1

From High Growth Handbook

When choosing an organizational structure for your high growth startup, focus on the next 6 to 12 months only. Don’t try to find a long term structure as the long term company will be different than today and will have different needs.

This is what Gofore.com says:

Agile scaling must be based on feature teams.

Input from Jens Fabian

From Aha.io


Goal-focused squads

Plus role-based chapters


Two Reasons the Squad Method Might Improve Your Product Development

1. It can generate true in-house expertise.

2. It can speed everything: development, feedback and learning, and updates.

Three Reasons the Squad Method Might Undermine Your Product Development

1. Your product line might not support this model.

2. You risk breaking your in-house product knowledge into silos.

3. You could lose some of the advocacy from both product management and development.

Product Squads: Interesting Approach to Product Development, But Not Right for Everyone


4 ways to organize a scaling PM organization

Productboard’s guiding principle


Fulfils three criteria for Drive: Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose. If teams feel they have complete end to end responsibility, and the goal is customer oriented, then there is higher motivation and work satisfaction.



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