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  • Michael Wiedemann

    Michael Wiedemann

    Co-founder of Brixel. Demystifying the real estate monster with tech, design and empathy.

  • Rohan Katyal

    Rohan Katyal

    WhatsApp Growth @ Facebook | Previously Yelp, Yahoo!

  • Canva Team

    Canva Team

    Follow our journey as we build Canva from the ground up.

  • Rich Mironov

    Rich Mironov

    Tech start-up veteran, smokejumper CPO/product management VP, writer, coach for product leaders, analogy wrangler, product camp founder.

  • Vishal Soni

    Vishal Soni

    A product person who believes human-centered design is the trigger for innovation and the opportunity to re-think how we do things.

  • Sumit Kumar Singh

    Sumit Kumar Singh

    Principal Product Manager @ Microsoft. Loves music and lives for the backstage action! Love to launch and scale products and understanding consumer behaviour

  • David Pereira

    David Pereira

    150+ posts on helping product professionals escape from traps and deliver value faster. Head of Product Mgmt @virtualidentity Courses: https://bit.ly/3jEH4r5

  • Sven Heckler

    Sven Heckler

    Senior UX/UI Designer

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