Building nextgen real estate platform at PriceHubble & podcaster at I blog about products, business around products, and growth strategies.


  • SwissLEAP


    We enable purpose-driven organizations with the Learning Enterprise Accleration Practices to create shared-value together for maximum impact. Let's leap!

  • Powers Teh

    Powers Teh

    I solve Ops, BI & Data problems using Python, Javascript and VBA. MITx MicroMasters in Supply Chain and Logistic Management.

  • Gabriele Bertini

    Gabriele Bertini

  • Tiago Albano

    Tiago Albano

    I love collaborating with teams of different areas in order to rethink processes and products that will delight customers and change people’s lives.

  • Mark Opanasiuk

    Mark Opanasiuk

    Senior Business Analyst & Product Owner @ EPAM | Product Management & Business Analysis (PSPO I & PSM I certified)

  • David Jurand

    David Jurand

    Product Manager at #ecommerce

  • Tania Dey

    Tania Dey

  • Joe P

    Joe P

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